The Route Taken by Einsatzgruppe A

EG-A: Most of the EG-A reached Guimbinnen, in East Prussia, on June 23, 1941, and from there Stahlecker, at the head of an advance unit, made his way to Tilzit on the Lithuanian border, entering Kaunas on June 25, together with advance units of the Wehrmacht.

SK-1a, which was attached to the 18th Army, organized Aktionen (Actions, or police and SS terror operations; used also to describe the deportations from and liquidations of the ghettos) that began on June 27 in the areas of Liepaya and Yelgava, and entered Riga together with EG-A headquarters during the first days of July. EK-1b reached Kaunas on June 28, and Daugavpils on July 8. EK-2 reached Siaulai on June 27, and later continued on to Riga. EK-3 entered Kaunas on July 2, and organized Aktionen in Lithuania. On August 9, it relieved EK-9 of EG-B in Vilnius (Vilna).

The headquarters of the EG-A remained in Riga, and for a time supervised operations in Lithuania and Latvia. On July 10, EK-1a began operations in Estonia, while EK-1b operated in the area south of Leningrad - in Pskov, Ostrov and Opotshka. EG-A headquarters wished to enter Leningrad, and for this purpose conducted talks with the fourth Panzer Group, and in particular the SS Totenkoph (Death's Head) Division, which was supposed to be the first to enter the city. The headquarters of EG-A moved to Pskov where sections of SK-1a and EK-2 and 3 were then concentrated. When the front ceased to advance at the outskirts of Leningrad, they moved to Krasnogvardeisk (Gatchina).

At the end of September 1941, Stahlecker was appointed commander of the Sipo and SD in the Baltic countries and Byelorussia with headquarters in Riga. SK-1a was divided among the regional offices of the Sipo and SD in Estonia. Large sections of EK-2 were divided between the regional offices in Latvia, and sections of EK-3 in Lithuania. Most of SK-1b was transferred to Minsk, while small mobile units of SK-1a and 1b continued to operate in the Leningrad area. On March 24, 1942, Brigadefuhrer Heinz Jost replaced Stahlecker after he was wounded and died.

Arad, Yitzak, Shmuel Krakowski and Shmuel Spector, editors. The Einsatzgruppen Reports. New York: Holocaust Library. 1989, pp. ix - x

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