The Annihilation of the Judaeo-Bolshevik System

Order of the Commander of the Eleventh Army, von Manstein

November 20, 1941
Top Secret

Beginning with June 22, the German people have been in a holy battle with the Bolshevik system. This battle is not based on the European rules of combat (it would be if we were fighting only the Soviet Army). This struggle continues behind the front line: guerrillas, snipers, dressed as civilians, attack separate individuals and small groups of soldiers. By terrorism, using mines and explosive devices, they try to destroy our communication lines. Remaining Bolsheviks terrorize the population which has been liberated from Bolshevism. Thus, they try to prevent the political and economic emancipation of the country. They destroy provisions and industrial sites, forcing the population, especially the urban one, to starve. Jews provide communication between the enemy in our rear and the remnants of the Red Army that are still fighting, as well as the Red administration. They hold firmly, more so then in Europe, all key positions in political administration, trade, and crafts. They are the instigators of all disorders and misconduct. The Judaeo-Bolshevik system should be destroyed once and for all, so that it never threatens our European vital space.

This is why the German soldier is faced, not only with the task of destroying the armed forces of that system, but also should be the carrier of the national idea, an avenger for all the cruelty suffered by the German people...The soldier should understand the necessity of the punishment of Jewry - the carrier of the very spirit of the Bolshevik terror. This is also needed to nip in the bud all disorders that are mainly inspired by the Jews.

Source: Nuremberg Documents PS-4064, as cited in Yitzak Arad, ed., Unichtozhenie Evreev SSR vgody nemetskoi okkupatsii (1941 - 1944) (Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, 1991), p. 54

Gitelman, Zvi, Bitter Legacy: Confronting the Holocaust in the USSR. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 1997. pp. 255 - 256

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