anti-semitism in germany

Order by Keitel Banning Wehrmacht Contacts with Jews in the Occupied Territories in the East, September 12, 1941

High Command of the Wehrmacht
WFST [Armed Forces Operational Staff] Div. L (IV/Qu)
No. 02041/41 Secret

Führer Headquarters, September 12, 1941
Re: Jews in the Occupied Eastern Territories

...The struggle against Bolshevism demands ruthless and energetic action, and first of all against the Jews as well, as the main bearers of Bolshevism. This will, therefore, be no cooperation whatever between the Wehrmacht and the Jewish population, whose attitude is openly or secretly anti-German, and no use is to be made of individual Jews, for any preferential auxiliary services for the Wehrmacht. Under no circumstances are papers to be issued by Military Offices to Jews confirming that they are employed for the purposes of the Wehrmacht.

The only exception to be made is the use of Jews in specially organized labor columns, which are only to be employed under German supervision.

It is requested to make this order known to the troops.


Source: Nuremberg Documents NOKW-3292, as cited in Yitzak Arad, Yisrael Gutman and Abraham Margaliot, eds. Documents on the Holocaust (Jerusalem and Oxford: Yad Vashem and Pergamon Press, 1987) p. 387 (Document 175).

Gitelman, Zvi, Bitter Legacy: Confronting the Holocaust in the USSR. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 1997. pp. 261 - 262

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