The Einsatzgruppen

Lying About Hitler
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Polish JewsClick here to see enlarged image.

An Introduction to the Einsatzgruppen

Warrant for Genocide

The Einsatzgruppen

The Einsatzgruppen and the Wehrmacht

The Reports

The Operational Situation Reports

Other Reports

The Perpetrators

Gas VansClick here to see enlarged image.

From Shootings to Gas Vans

From Shootings to Gas Vans
The Development of the Gas-van in the Murdering of the Jews
The Einsatzgruppen and Gas Vans

Perpetrator Testimony

The Ghettos


Eyewitnesses and Survivors

Eyewitness and Survivor Testimony

The Trials

Military Tribunal II Case 9 - "The Einsatzgruppen Case"
Military Tribunal II Case 9: Opinion and Judgment of the Tribunal
The United States of America vs. Kazys Ciurinskas


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