Testimony of the commander of Einsatzkommando 3 on the implementation of murder

The commander of Einsatzkommando 3, which carries out the murder operation of Jews in Lithuanian wrote:

The implementation of such Aktionen was first of all an orginizational problem. The decision to clear systematically each sub-disctrict of Jews called for thorough preparation for each Aktion and the study of local conditions. The Jews had to be concentrated in one or more localities, and, in accordance with their numbers, a site had to be selected and pits dug. The marching distance from the concentration points to the pits averaged 4 - 5 kms. The Jews were brought to the place of execution in groups of 500, with a distance of at least 2kms between groups.... (1)

(1) Yad Vashem Archives, 0-18/245

Arad, Yitzak. Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka: The Operation Reinhard Death Camps. Bloomington. Indiana University Press. 1987. p 7

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