Mass murder
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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 45

The Chief of the Security Police and the SD

August 7, 1941

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Einsatzgruppen D
Location: Olschanka, west of Yampol
Einsatzkommando 10A
Location: Petshanka

Because of riots and attacks against the German Army, raids were carried out against Jews in Kodyma. In the course of these raids 97 Jews were shot and 1756 hostages were taken. Hostages were taken in each new place, and were executed on the slightest pretest. 9 Jews were shot in Yampol.

Einsatzkommando 10B
Location: Mogilev Podolski

Prevention of the mass departure of Jews into territory where German interest predominates. Harvesting is organized.

Einsatzkommando 11A
Location: Kishinev

In the course of renovating the few official buildings which were not destroyed [ek11] has seized material and discovered several terror and sabotage organizations. Leading agents were shot. Up to this point 551 Jews have been liquidated, of these 151 for participating in sabotage acts, 400 in reprisal for shooting at German medical trucks and for lighting signal flares for Red aviators. Jews are confined to the ghetto if they have not fled.

Einsatzkommando 11B
Location: Thigina

Jews in Thigina concentrated. 155 Jews liquidated as a reprisal for signaling to the Red Army.

Arad, Yitzak, Shmuel Krakowski and Shmuel Spector, editors. The Einsatzgruppen Reports. New York: Holocaust Library. 1989. p. 76.

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