The Confession of Adolf Eichmann


Eichmann Tells His Own Damning Story

I. Transported Them To The Butcher: Eichmann's Story Part 1

The order for annihilation
A yellow start on their clothing
The Jewish SS sergeant
The final solution: liquidation
The chambers at Maidenek
The gas chambers at Auschwitz
Revolt of Warsaw Jews.
The shipments to Auschwitz
Inhumanity among the Hungarians
The charred mountain of corpses

II. To Sum It All Up, I Regret Nothing: Eichmann's Story Part 2

Nazi who had millions of Jews killed tells of cruel barter attempt and a fantastic last stand
Immensely idealistic Zionists
The gentleman's agreement
Motorize the divisions
To preserve appearances
A living chain for shells
Resistance in the Alps
Snow on the mountains
Fighting a war on the Blaa-Alm
A corporal named Barth

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